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Chinese for Teenagers

Here you can find our new Chinese courses for teenagers in the coming month in 2024. To know more details regarding each level, please check our course description. 

Our course is designed for a small-sized group with 4-10 people with high quality course organization. Students are grouped based on their language knowledge. Through discussions, group activities and pair works, students will have many opportunities to train their listening, speaking, reading, and writing and improve their Chinese language abilities, and apply this new gained skill to the real life.

Can't wait for making a change for yourself by starting from learning Chinese? - Reserve a spot for yourself NOW!

Worried about missing a lesson? No worries! If you are going to miss a lesson, please inform the our team and the teacher at least 24 hours in advance. The teacher will record the lesson and send it to you after class. You can then do a catch-up whenever you have time.


*A trial lesson in the regular course is also possible. However, pre-registration is required.

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Can't find the course for your current level? Don't worry! You are always welcome to contact us for more potential classes.

Are you looking for private course? Please contact us!

Chinese Course for Teenagers Summary

NiHao Sprachschule offers Chinese courses from CEFR A1-B2 (HSK 1- HSK 4) level.

From this summary, you can get a brief idea how our courses are designed in each language level.

Our curriculum design and textbook selection are based on our teachers' extensive teaching experiences and students' feedback.To know the books we use for our courses, please our 'Course Description', and you can also have a clear idea what topics are covered in each course session.

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Beginner courses:

*Each lesson is 90 minutes

A1.1: 10 lessons (15 hours) 

A1.2: 12 lessons (18 hours)

A1.3: 12 lessons (18 hours)

High-intermediate courses:

*Each lesson is 90 minutes

B2.1: 16 lessons (24 hours) 

B2.2: 16 lessons (24 hours)

B2.3: 16 lessons (24 hours)

B2.4: 16 lessons (24 hours)

Elementary courses:

*Each lesson is 90 minutes

A2.1: 12 lessons (18 hours) 

A2.2: 12 lessons (18 hours)

A2.3: 12 lessons (18 hours)

A2.4: 12 lessons (18 hours)

Intermediate courses:

*Each lesson is 90 minutes

B1.1: 16 lessons (24 hours) 

B1.2: 16 lessons (24 hours)

B1.3: 16 lessons (24 hours)

B1.4: 16 lessons (24 hours)

Course Description
Chinese for Teenagers

Image by Nuno Alberto


HSK 1 (A1)

Red Doors


HSK 2 (A2)

Chinese Warrior Statues


HSK 3 (B1)

Dragon Lantern


HSK 4 (B2)

A1.1 course includes: 

  • Pinyin

  • Greetings & self-introduction

  • Countries & nationalities

  • Jobs & family

  • People's appearances & favorites

A1.2 course includes:

  • Addresses & contact numbers

  • Birthdays & invitations

  • Time & appointments

  • Clothes & shopping

A1.3 course includes:

  • Locations & advertisements

  • Transportation

  • Sports & likes and dislikes

  • holiday plans

A2.1 course includes: 

  • Vehicles & travel

  • Weather

  • Holiday & experience description

A2.2 course includes:

  • Weekend activities & invitation

  • Identify the direction

  • Eating out & Chinese dishes

A2.3 course includes:

  • Plans, intention & attitude

  • Price & payment

  • Clothes

A2.4 course includes:

  • Occupation

  • Facial features, physical appearance & body parts

  • Home

B1.1 course includes: 

  • My school & facilities

  • School subjects & classes

  • Personality & performance

B1.2 course includes:

  • Summer camp & trip plans

  • Illness symptoms & feeling, asking for sick leave 

  • healthy diets & habits

B1.3 course includes:

  • extracurricular activities & recreational activities

  • height, weight & services at the gym

  • hometown and surrounding areas


  • Neighborhood

  • Shopping experiences & online shopping

  • Applying for studying abroad

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B2.1 course includes: 

  • holiday bookings & travel advertisement

  • Packing for overseas trip & airport security

B2.2 course includes:

  • Describe landscapes & give travel suggestions

  • Tourist attractions & personal impressions of a city

B2.3 course includes:

  • Dream jobs

  • Internship application & interview

B2.4 course includes:

  • Part-time job

  • School events


  • Chinese and western holiday traditions

  • Protect the environment


  • Technology & social media

  • Language learning experiences

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