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Chinese for Kids

Learning through playing is our philosophy of our approach to teach children Chinese. We believe that children will enjoy learning a language in a positive and relaxing learning environment. They will learn the language and its culture in an immersion Chinese environment, and they will also be able to use the language naturally.

Younger Kids Group (3-6 years old)

Our Chinese for kids group starting from age 3. For younger kids group (3 to 6 years old), we do not use any specific textbook in our lessons. The courses are designed based on children's cognitive and psychological development. We 'teach' young children Chinese through implicit approach. They contain different themes and topics, combined with interactive activities, play, songs, stories, and dance. The main goal for this stage is to potentially cultivating a long-lasting interest for learning Chinese, and motivating children to continue learning as they get older.

Older Kids Group (7-10 years old)

Due to older kids' greater linguistic experience and metalinguistic skills, that young children do not possess, Chinese is delivered in a different way. We use textbooks as a basis to introduce kids Chinese with more explicit method; however, the textbook is not our only focus but just as one of our learning media. The course is highly interactive, fun and energetic.

We aim to create activities that maximize independent communication through group and pair work. The main goal for this stage is to potentially cultivating a long-lasting interest for learning Chinese, and motivating children to continue learning as they get older. We mean to provide kids with a friendly, happy, and fun Chinese learning environment. We empower kids and give them a successful Chinese learning experiences.  

For kids from 11 years old, please check our course 'Chinese for teenagers'. 

Worried about missing a lesson? No worries! If you are going to miss a lesson, please inform the our team and the teacher at least 24 hours in advance. The teacher will record the lesson and send it to you after class. You can then do a catch-up whenever you have time.

*A trial lesson in the regular course is also possible. However, pre-registration is required.

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*We are currently still arranging the new regular classes for kids (7-10 years old). We will update the news once we have more details. For the group 3-6 years old, you can join anytime.

Can't find the course for your current level? Don't worry! You are always welcome to contact us for more potential classes.

Are you looking for private course? Please contact us!

Course Summary
Chinese for Kids (7-10 years old)

NiHao Sprachschule offers Chinese courses for kids from CEFR A1-B1 (HSK 1- HSK 3) level.

From this summary, you can get a brief idea how our courses are designed in each language level.

Our curriculum design and textbook selection are based on our teachers' extensive teaching experiences and students' feedback.To know the books we use for our courses, please our 'Course Description', and you can also have a clear idea what topics are covered in each course session.

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Beginner 1 courses:

*Each lesson 45 minutes.

Pre-A1.1: 28 lessons (21 hours) 

Pre-A1.2: 32 lessons (24 hours)

Pre-A1.3: 32 lessons (24 hours)

Pre-A1.4: 32 lessons (24 hours)

Pre-A1.5: 32 lessons (24 hours)

Beginner 2 courses:

*Each lesson 45 minutes.

A1.1: 32 lessons (24 hours) 

A1.2: 32 lessons (24 hours)

A1.3: 32 lessons (24 hours)

A1.4: 32 lessons (24 hours)

A1.5: 32 lessons (24 hours)

Elementary 1 courses:

*Each lesson 45 minutes.

Pre-A2.1: 32 lessons (24 hours) 

Pre-A2.2: 32 lessons (24 hours)

Pre-A2.3: 32 lessons (24 hours)

Pre-A2.4: 32 lessons (24 hours)

Pre-A2.5: 32 lessons (24 hours)

Elementary 2 courses:

*Each lesson 45 minutes.

A2.1: 32 lessons (24 hours) 

A2.2: 32 lessons (24 hours)

A2.3: 32 lessons (24 hours)

A2.4: 32 lessons (24 hours)

A2.5: 32 lessons (24 hours)

Intermediate 1 courses:

*Each lesson 45 minutes.

Pre-B1.1: 32 lessons (24 hours) 

Pre-B1.2: 32 lessons (24 hours)

Pre-B1.3: 32 lessons (24 hours)

Pre-B1.4: 32 lessons (24 hours)

Pre-B1.5: 32 lessons (24 hours)

Course Description
Chinese for kids

Image by Nuno Alberto


Pre-HSK 1 (Pre-A1)

Brewing Tea


HSK 1 (A1)

Red Doors


Pre-HSK 2


Chinese Warrior Statues


HSK 2 (A2)

Dragon Lantern


Pre-HSK 3 


Pre-A1.1 course includes: 

  • Pinyin & basic strokes

  • Numbers

  • Greetings

Pre-A1.2 course includes:

  • Dates

  • Ages

  • Telephone numbers

Pre-A1.3 course includes:

  • Family members

  • Self-introduction

  • Occupation

Pre-A1.4 course includes:

  • Time

  • Daily routine

  • Transportation

  • Colors

Pre-A1.5 course includes:

  • Colors

  • Clothing

  • Body parts

Pre-A2.1 course includes: 

  • Countries & languages

  • School subjects

  • Making phone call

Pre-A2.2 course includes:

  • Weather

  • Seasons

  • Sickness

Pre-A2.3 course includes:

  • Music

  • Sport

  • Dance

Pre-A2.4 course includes:

  • Vegetables & fruits

  • Meals

  • Eating out

Pre-A2.5 course includes:

  • House

  • Furniture

  • Neighborhood

Pre-B1.1 course includes: 

  • Express wishes & concerns

  • Makinig comparison

Pre-B1.2 course includes:

  • Animal characteristics & habits 

  • Routes & directions

Pre-B1.3 course includes:

  • Negotiation

  • Express praise & giving orders

Pre-B1.4 course includes:

  • Describe changes

  • Describe location & introduce one's own country

Pre-B1.5 course includes:

  • Express emotions

  • Express wishes & describe daily details

A1.1 course includes: 

  • Greetings & self-introduction

  • Family

A1.2 course includes:

  • Classroom instruction

  • Like & dislike

A1.3 course includes:

  • Shopping, apologies & express needs

  • Birthday

A1.4 course includes:

  • Classroom objects

  • Invitation

A1.5 course includes:

  • Wish & decline

  • Capability

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螢幕快照 2024-03-19 13.42.52.png
螢幕快照 2024-03-19 13.43.01.png
螢幕快照 2024-03-17 23.33.17.png
螢幕快照 2024-03-19 15.43.07.png
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A2.1 course includes:

  • Daily necessities

  • Greetings

A2.2 course includes:

  • Time & daily activities

  • Suggestions & responses


  • Objects description

  • Shapes

A2.3 course includes:

  • Body parts & occupations

  • Flavors & shopping

A2.4 course includes:

  • Indoor activities & weather

  • Feelings

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