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Online Group Courses

Thinking of sparing time of taking transportation from one place to another?

Then, NiHao Sprachschule online group courses is your FIRST CHOICE!


You can always choose our online group courses and continue your journey of Chinese learning no matter where you are!

NiHao Sprachschule's online group courses suit people who:

1. are unable to attend physical classes due to various factors, but still want to continue to make progress in their career paths, lives, and Chinese learning

2. want to save time on commuting and maximize the use of their time.

3. are restricted by the location and time, but still eager to have chances to meet people from all over the world and learn together a common passion language.

Crowd and lion dancers in the celebration of the chinese New Year in Ho Chi Minh City, Vie

Online Chinese for adults

Min. 4 people

Max. 10 people

90 minutes

Online Chinese for teenagers

Min. 4 people

Max. 10 people

60 minutes

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